Minimal, Constitutional state limited to enumerated powers.
Pro-market, anti-war.
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the Drop

The Drop is where I ponder issues relating to personal liberty and society.

Certain themes will re-occur more than others: voluntarism in various forms, cryptography, atheism, policing and imprisonment, small intentional communities. A minimal, Constitutional government limited to enumerated powers.

I do not condone violence, although I predict governmental overreach and power inequality may produce that outcome. Instead, I advocate personal withdrawal from the State as much as possible. As much as possible to make government actors irrelevant to my life.

in search of anonymous blogging

I've been blogging (in one form or another) since "the web was gray" but have always wanted a truly anonymous platform.

I think TOR hidden services have provided that capability. You can read my anonymous blog.

theDrop@sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion /
public key also available on MIT keyserver

sniffles@zeroid.bit (zeronet)

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